Why is 46664 developing a fashion brand?

46664 was established in 2002 as an independent, not-for-profit organisation to initially take forward Nelson Mandela's global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign. In recent years, 46664 has expanded its focus to encompass the humanitarian legacy of Mr Mandela as well as to address issues of social injustice.

In an ever-changing, at times unpredictable global economic climate, 46664 can no longer only depend on philanthropy to fund both its broad awareness raising as well as projects, like Nelson Mandela Day, which serve to take forward and imbibe the humanitarian legacy of Nelson Mandela. In its move towards sustainability and self-sufficiency, 46664 has partnered with carefully selected commercial and social profit entities and, through a careful licensing process, created income streams that now allow it to be a fund-raising vehicle. 46664 Fashion is part of this new, robust focus to advance 46664's mandate.

Which 46664 projects will benefit from the funds raised?

Selected projects that are in line with, and take forward, the humanitarian legacy of Nelson Mandela. Among these is the 2011 Bikers For Mandela initiative that formed part of the 2011 Nelson Mandela Day activities. Covering over 2 200 kms in early July, the group of riders involved stopped off at community projects, giving 67 minutes of time to activities that will leave a lasting and sustainable impact on the communities served. It is important to note that all monies raised by 46664 will not accrue to any individual.

What are the key aspects of the license agreement in terms of preserving the legacy of Nelson Mandela?

The license agreement between 46664 and Seardel contains terms and conditions that have been through a robust process of examination at both 46664 board level as well as relevant legal and due diligence processes. These include set financial commitments, the integrity of the 46664 brand, and the long-term development of the clothing and textile manufacturing sector in South Africa. An important aspect of the license agreement 46664 has with Seardel is the protection of Mr Mandela's Intellectual Property. This guards against the commercialisation of Mr Mandela's name and image and other elements related to him within the terms of the license agreement.

How did the relationship with Seardel come about?

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and its partners, including 46664, are approached on a daily basis by companies and individuals who wish to commercialise the name of its founder. As one of the custodians of the living legacy that captures the vision and values of Mr Mandela's life and work, the Nelson Mandela Foundation insists that potential partners adhere to a particularly rigorous benchmark of commitment and integrity. This holds true for the license now held by Seardel. Seardel's standing as the country's largest clothing and textile manufacturer, its commitment to sustaining these industries in the long-term to the benefit of South Africa's economy, as well as its commitment to adhering to strict terms within the agreement, make it an appropriate partner for the launch of 46664's first fashion range.

Where will 46664 Fashion be manufactured?

The direct goal of the agreement between 46664 and Seardel is to have the entire 46664 Fashion range produced locally in South Africa. In the beginning, the mens- and ladieswear ranges will be manufactured according to a 60:40 local-international split. This is to ensure that at launch, 46664 Fashion lives up to its billing as the first widescale, global apparel brand to come out of South Africa, featuring items of the highest quality, across all tiers of price accessibility. Sufficient volumes in the future will enable Seardel to bring an increasing percentage of production back to Southern Africa, thereby increasing the percentage of the range manufactured locally. In fact, 46664 Fashion's first shirt range is being manufactured at a Seardel factory in Durban.

What will 46664 Fashion consist of?

At launch, 46664 Fashion will consist of a mens- and ladieswear apparel range that allows individuals to start wardrobe building – adding new pieces to their collection as they desire. Jeans, golf shirts, shirts, belts, jerseys and sneakers are among the items in the menswear launch range. 46664 Fashion's ladieswear features denims, fitted shirts, wrap dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and blouses. Childrenswear items will also feature in 46664 Fashion. An integral part of 46664 Fashion's range are the 'statement t-shirts' for both men and women, featuring messages developed in consultation with the Nelson Mandela Foundation's Centre of Memory.

Other items will be developed over time, with both local and international guest designers contributing to the range.

What percentage of revenue earned by 46664 Fashion will be put back into 46664?

The contribution to 46664 will come as a percentage of turnover, starting at 7% and ending at 9% of annual turnover. These percentages are high when measured against clothing margins. In addition, the terms of the license oblige Seardel to pay minimum guarantees per year which in turn assists 46664 with long-term planning, through a sustainable income stream.

Where will 46664 Fashion be available?

An experiential, stand-alone store in Johannesburg will be launched early 2012, with additional dedicated 46664 stores in South Africa set to follow. The end of August will also see 46664 Fashion's launch ranges available in 15 Stuttafords stores countrywide. Information on this will be available on the 46664 website, as well as a stand-alone 46664 Fashion website.

When is the retail launch date of 46664 Fashion into Stuttafords Stores?
August 2011.
When is the launch date of 46664 Fashion's Concept Store in South Africa?

Brand ID is working with a key retail landlord to identify the right space for 46664 Fashion. The timing of the store is contingent on this negotiation.

What is the pricing range of 46664 Fashion?

Accessibility to South Africa's first global fashion brand is important to both partners in the license agreement. Pricing covers a broad range that will enable individuals across a wide economic spectrum to demonstrate their identification with 46664's goals and projects. The emphasis on wardrobe building means that individuals can add to their 46664 Fashion collection over a period of time.

When is the international launch date of 46664 Fashion?

The international launch is set for 2012.

Will the range be available to purchase online?

A dedicated website, which will include an e-tailer element, will go live at the time of launch in August.

Who are 46664 Fashion's designers?

A dedicated, experienced, fulltime design team is located at Brand ID's Cape Town offices. This includes head men's apparel designer, Chris Vogelpoel and head women's apparel designer, Barbara Tosalli, along with Craig Native who is overseeing the development, design and production of 46664 Fashion's statement t-shirts. Guest designers and interns will be added to the team in the coming months and years.

Who will 46664 Fashion's guest designers be?

46664 Fashion will have both local and international guest designers. They will be announced in the build-up to the launch.

Will there be 46664 Fashion ambassadors?

46664 has many ambassadors who help take its mandate forward. 46664 Fashion will engage with these existing ambassadors. However, partnerships that support 46664's evolved mandate, such as 46664 Fashion, allow individuals to be 'brand ambassadors' in their own right, contributing to 46664's long-term sustainability and demonstrating that it is indeed in their hands.

How is 46664 Fashion different?

46664 Fashion is officially licensed and those who wear it can do so safe in the knowledge that Mr Mandela's Intellectual Property is being protected and the commercialisation of his name and image are being guarded against. Furthermore, the apparel will contribute to carefully selected projects that take forward Mr Mandela’s humanitarian legacy.

What about 46664 Fashion grey product?

Both 46664 and Seardel will employ a proactive approach to 'grey' product that may surface. As grey product will not see any monies accrue to 46664, 46664 and Seardel are appealing to the public to keep a vigilant eye on grey product and refrain from purchasing such items.

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